8 Basic Principles of Practicing YOGA

Principles/Foundations of Practicing Yoga

I see in me the Great I Am… Poised, powerful and centered in my Heart, I know I am blessed with special gifts to share. I am like a brilliant star shinning through the endless skies… a unique and exceptional Light of the Creation. I am like the tree that grows strong and tall with the love of the sun…the sweetness of the rain… I grow into my Self…branches reaching ever higher through the air… embracing the truths that nourish me.

There are eight (8) basic principles that allow us to grow into ourselves. These are the basic principles of Yoga. Each of us must nurture all these branches in order to grow and reach our full potential:

  1. Right Understanding
    1. I understand the universal Law of Return…what goes around comes around. What I give is what I get. If I plant sour lemon seeds I cannot expect to grow a sweet mango tree. Because I know that I am the farmer working the soil of my life, I also understand that I will harvest the fruit of my effort (good or bad) in the seasons that come. 
  2. Right Intention
    1. I realize the power of my intention…where there’s a will there’s a way. My intention is to live in harmony with myself, others, and the environment around me. But to realize my intent, I have to make it important to me. 
  3. Right Speech
    1. I realize the power of my words to heal or to hurt, to create something beautiful or to destroy it. I seek to speak the truth as I understand it, refraining from gossip, lies, harsh and mean-spirited language… I choose to use my words to uplift, nourish and make people feel good about themselves. 
  4. Right Action
    1. I do my best knowing that Greatness is within me…I choose honest, peaceful and pure actions because I know the law of Karma…I understand that my actions reflect how I feel about myself so I avoid all forms of stealing, fighting and violence. I take care of my body and respect it as a gift by filling it with the right foods, practicing Yoga, avoiding drugs, etc…
  5. Right Livelihood
    1. I choose to earn a living in a harmonious, righteous, pure and good way… honestly, peacefully and without causing harm to others. I recognize my relationship and responsibility to my community. 
  6. Right Attitude
    1. I discipline my mind to keep a balanced point of view… I avoid worry, doubt, laziness, restlessness and impatience… I play dodge-ball with the negative messages in my mind
  7. Right Mindfullness
    1. I understand that my thoughts create my reality so I stay aware of my state of mind…I understand the whole world through my state of mind. I know that I choose what is on my mind. Nobody can make me feel anything (happy, sad, angry).
  8. Right Concentration
    1. I understand that to bring these principles of yoga into focus, I must channel my mind…keeping my eye on the prize. Through Yoga and Meditation, I experience bliss, serenity and the power of awareness and self-knowledge.

Feel the Bliss of Yoga




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