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REIKI is an ancient Japanese stress reduction and relaxation technique that helps lead to healing and well-being.
Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy, like the chi.

Believe in your DREAMS

Believe in your DREAMS

Benefits of REIKI:

~ improved clarity and focus
~ stress reduction & better sleep
~ physical pain relief
~ strengthen immune system
~ releases suppressed emotions and trauma
~ increased creativity
~ balance your chakras/energy centers
~ faster recovery before and after surgery and chemotherapy
~ yields a sense of inner peace and harmony
~ teaches discipline and self-control within the mind and body
` clear out blockages/pain in our body, mind and spirit
~ helps reduce depression

Benefits of YOGA:

~ improves flexibility, muscle tone, endurance and coordination
~ strengthen your core center
~ strong core ~ strong back
~ reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, and helps ease the effects of depression and anxiety
~ calms the spirit, clears the mind, improves concentration
~ increases energy and balances the flow of energy through body
~ boots self-esteem and creates a sense of well-being
~ detox our body
~ opens up our chakras

Balance your body, mind and spirit

Balance your body, mind and spirit


$85 60 min. FOR FIRST TIME CLIENT incl. consultation
$85 60 min. Regular session (available in 3er/5er/10er packages)

Additional services with Young Living Therapeutic oils, crystals and Tibetan singing bowls
and gift cards available.

~ Animal Healing Reiki
$40 /30 min.

~ Private Yoga session
$65 /60 min

~ Group/Office Yoga session (up to 4 people)
$100 /60 min

Other services:

~ Private and Group Usui Reiki Level I, II, III, Master Training & Certification

Reiki Level I for Self-Care 1 day training
$200 incl. training & certification, $25 manual
($60 non-refundable deposit, balance is due before training)

Reiki Level II for Self-Care & Others (professional) 2 day training
$395 incl. training & certification, $25 manual
($100 non-refundable deposit, balance is due before training)

Reiki Level III to Deepen your practice & tools Advanced Training (1 day training)
$250 incl. training & certification, $25 manual
($80 non-refundable deposit, balance is due before training)

Reiki Master Level for yourself or train and attune others (2 day training)
$450 incl. training & certification,
($200 non-refundable deposit, $25 manual)

One to One Training & Certification for Personal Journey, Massage, Hospice, Family Therapy, Dog Training, Yoga etc.
to deepen and enrich your life journey.


~ Reiki session in Hospital and Hospice

~ Therapeutic Essential Oils Young Living Consultant, Sponsor # 1152691
~ Raindrop Technique with Essential Oils

~ Chakra Balancing & Meditation

~ Yoga, Reiki & Essential Oils workshops & seminars


Young Living Therapeutic Essential Oils

Young Living Therapeutic Essential Oils

~ Handmade Healing Creations by Claudia available at

~ Yak & Yeti Handicrafts from Nepal, 1124 Hermosa Ave/Pier Ave, Hermosa Beach
every day 11 am – 7 pm
~ The Path Spiritual Learning Center & Gift Boutique
800 Torrance Blvd. Suite 102, Redondo Beach, check under Gallery/Videos
~ True Insight Spiritual Center, 111 Eucalyptus, El Segundo
call for hours
~ Thrive Green Florist , 5135 Torrance Blvd, Redondo Beach, 310-293-8003

Lavender/Peppermint Eye Pillows

Lavender/Peppermint Eye Pillows

Or call for custom-made or special Herbal, Aromatherapy, Crystal and Inspirational Gift cards
at 310-698-9658

Let me know how I can help you.

Feel the Bliss of Yoga & Reiki
Claudia Bumuller
RTY Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master-Teacher, Urban Zen Integrated Therapist, Young Living Essential Oils Distributor $11526921

Originally posted on REIKI, AROMA & YOGA:

Learn more about Therapeutic Yoga, Reiki and Essential oils. I am Claudia Bumuller,
Founder of Feel the Bliss of Yoga & Reiki, RYT Yoga Instructor, Usui Reiki Master-Teacher, Reiki Practitioner for Kundalini and Hospice, Urban Zen Integrated Therapist and Young Living
Essential Oils Distributor
I offer private Reiki Healing session with Therapeutic Oils, Reiki Level I, II, III & Master Training,
Therapeutic Yoga classes, Wellness Workshops, Mini Wellness Retreats and create
Handmade Healing Products.,, 310-698-9658
Let me know how I can help you.
Be Well and be Happy,

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Reiki (Life Force Energy Healing) Session and Training

Healing Hands

Healing Hands

ABC NEWS about  Popularity  is growing in Reiki Therapy May 2008

                        ( Watch the Video ABC News below, click on it)

 Complementary medical therapy continues to gain in our health industry. Future of Energy Medicine by Dr. Mehmet Oz

Personalized Reiki Healing (Chakra Balancing) Session available by Reiki Master-Teacher Claudia 

Reiki is energy healing, hands on healing. It is a “laying on of the hands” technique that enables the healer to channel universal life force energy through their hands to the healee. It is an unending source of energy in which the practitioner’s own energy is not passed on to the healee. “Rei” means Universal, Spiritual, Divine, Wisdom and “Ki” means Life Force Energy. Simply defined, Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy. 

How does Reiki heal? Hands on healing or “energy healing” works on the premise that health is dependent on the balanced free flow of the “Ki” through the aura or energy field of the body. Emotional and/or health problems tend to occur where there is disrupted or blocked flow of “Ki”. Disruptions can be caused by injury, negative emotions, nutritional toxicity, toxic relationships and lifestyles, and lack of love for the self and others. Reiki sessions release blocks and disruptions and replace them with the highest level of life force energy facilitating the free flow of “Ki” through the body’s energy channels, promoting healing of the body, mind, heart and soul.

Health Benefits of Reiki Energy Treatments:

* Promotes deep relaxation and helps the body to release stress and tension

* Promotes and accelerates your body’s self-healing abilities

* Helps you sleep better

* Reduces blood pressure

* Helps acute injuries, chronic problems and assists with decoding and breaking addictions

* Helps relieve pain

* Removes energy blockages, adjusts the energy flow to the endocrine system, bringing

   the body into balance and harmony

* Assists the body rid itself of toxics

* Supports the immune system

* Increases vitality and delays the aging process

* Treats symptoms and causes the illness

* Helps in overcoming fear, depression, anxiety and lack of confidence

* Improves memory and promotes creativity

* Releases blocked and suppressed feelings

* Raises the vibrational frequency of the body

* Helps spiritual growth and emotional cleansing


Combining aromatherapy with Reiki healing can only enhance the healing process. By gently activating your body’s own healing energies, aromatherapy helps restore balance to your body, mind and soul. Aromatherapy with Reiki is non-intrusive and self-empowering. Give yourself the gift of a Reiki treatment today!

Long Distance Healing & Space Clearing (Moving in a new house, apartment, office, store), Animal Reiki available! 

Reiki Sessions: A private session generally last about an hour to just over an hour and consists of the energy work and time talking both before and after the treatment. Full Reiki treatments are start at $85 and combined with Aromatherapy (personalized Chakra Oil Aromatherapy Blends). Treatments with Chakra Crystal are for one hour are $100. Gift certificates are also available.

If you refer a friend, you will get $10 off on your Reiki Session. Personalized Chakra Sprays available.

Feel the Bliss of Reiki by Claudia Certified Reiki Master-Teacher

Reiki Level I, II, III, Master Training & Attunement available

 Call for an appointment 310-698-9658

Balance your Chakras

Balance your Chakras

Gift Certificate available!

Feel the Bliss of Yoga & Reiki

Claudia Bumuller


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